Friday, October 2, 2009

Uncle Nick's Ouzaria

I love going out to eat with friends at local affordable joints. I haven't seen Doc Nut in awhile so I invited her out. I wanted to try Uncle Nick's in Hell's Kitchen. It's a Greek restaurant know to serve good lunches, especially gyros. Dinner should be good too, right? Once there, I was surprised to find that they have a tapas place as well called Ouzaria. It's right next door. So I left it to Doc Nut to decide. She picked tapas. Her pick was perfect. We didn't have to order full meals, though there was a menu for that. We wanted to pick at our plates while chatting over recent events. The menu was massive but we decided to start and 2 tapas each. First, I picked the combination dip ($8.95). I can't go to a Greek restaurant and not get their great dips. The platter was quite big. It included tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber) that was refeshing; scordalia (potato and garlic) that was creamy, thick, and flavorful; melitzanosalata (eggplant dip) that was hearty; and taramosalata (fish roe dip) that was slighty fishy in a good way and really good. I liked the last one the best. Some soft hot pita bread came with the dips. They were slightly charred on the grill. So good. An extra plate order was $1. She picked grilled octopus and squid. ($12.95) I've never gone wrong with octopus at a Greek restaurant. They've always done it perfectly on the grill. A little char taste and some lemon on top. So good and tender. Not rubbery at all. She also picked the Briam ($7.95) which had potatoes, eggplant, feta all roasted with sauce. This was heavy but tasted great. The otherwise bland dish was complemented with the salty feta.. Lastly, daringly, I picked the sauteed veal sweetbreads ($9.95). They were prepared a completely different way from what I've had before. But they were delicious. This was a very generous amount and you can still taste the organ-y flavor to them. But that doesn't bother me one bit. I can see how it might bother others. They were tender and flavorful. I really enjoyed my meal and would definitely come back here. Next time, I'll have to order the flaming cheese. It comes on a cast iron plate and they light it on fire in front of you. They continue to feed the flame with ouzo until it's hot enough. Then they put the fire out with a couple of squeezes of lemon. It looked great. With all the food ordered, we didn't finish the meal which is rare between Doc Nut and myself. But we were stuffed. Happily stuffed. Uncle Nick's Ouzaria 749 9th Avenue New York, NY 10019 (212) 397-2892


  1. next time get the flaming saganaki!

  2. @fresagirl: We saw that! We wanted to order it but we were too full from everything else. Definitely next time!


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