Friday, November 6, 2009

Angel Hair with Marinara

While the man is gone, I like to make things that he doesn't normally like to eat. On top of the list is tomatoes. But it's the fall and tomatoes aren't in season anymore. Instead, I opted to make marinara sauce. I think making your own sauce is really easy. The first time I made it (I was a true amateur then), it didn't come out great but it still tasted a million times better than anything from a jar. I was sold from that day. Now that I've had some practice, I can whip up some sauce in no time, especially if it's for one serving. I start by using some crushed tomatoes in a can. I alternate from crushed tomatoes to whole peeled tomatoes. But I'm definitely on the band wagon for San Marzano tomatoes. They just come out tasting a bit better. They are more costly but to me, that's worth it. I dump the contents in a pot with water or stock. I bring to a boil and let it simmer and evaporate for a very long time. I add some salt, pepper, olive oil, and seasoning. I mostly like to use oregano. I also take the rind of some parmesan cheese and throw it in. It melts down and make the sauce really rich. While the sauce renders down to a thickness that I like, I make the pasta. Just some plain angel hair pasta this time. This is my favorite type of long pasta. When my sauce is done, I add the pasta directly to the pot and mix together. I've learned through trial and error that this is the best method for really good tasting pasta. The cooking of pasta and sauce together makes a huge difference. Keep in mind to undercook your pasta slightly in order to finish it in the sauce. Lastly, a nice poached egg on top. Mmm...the runny creamy yolk adds another depth to the whole sauce. If I had some fresh basil, I would add it here too.

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  1. Oh, it is so true that freshly made sauce is tastier than out of a bottle.


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