Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cooking My Way To Thanksgiving - Biscuit Wreath

I saw this recipe on TV the other day. It's Sandra Lee's recipe from Semi-Homemade. I have to admit that it's the only recipe of hers that I have ever tried or even wanted to try. You start off with some store bought biscuits. Here I have some Pilsbury Grands buttermilk biscuits. Add some flour and roll them out. Take some festive cookie cutters and cut out each biscuit. Here's a turkey. a href=""> And here's a pumpkin. Arrange them in a circle making sure they overlap. Brush with egg wash for a nice golden brown after it's baked. Follow the baking directions from the canister. And here it is all done. It looks pretty good. It doesn't taste too bad but unfortunately the biscuit is not as soft as they should be since I've rolled them out.

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