Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dinner with the Family

Home in Brooklyn for dinner with the family again. This time, we ordered some food from City Cafe again and had some roasted meats from Bo Ky. Dad also decided to cook some fresh fish. My family loves fish so whenever it's fresh, we'll take it. This is half of a soy sauce duck from Bo Ky. This place is in Chinatown and is also a restaurant. It's mainly Vietnamese but it has amazing food. There's a small counter for their Chinese BBQ meats. This time we picked the duck. It's $19 for a whole duck. It was delicious but I wished my dad wasn't too lazy. It was cold straight from the refrigerator. It definitely would be better warmed. Some fresh cooked veggies. Ordering this from a restaurant would be wasteful and expensive. It's super cheap and easy to make. Just blanched in salted water. Some food from City Cafe. This is sweet and sour pork. It wasn't really good. The pork was decimated and super dry. The sauce wasn't very good either. Will never order this again. Some sauteed squid with veggies in black bean sauce. This was decent but they were skimpy with the portions. Lastly, black pepper beef short ribs. These were decent but some pieces of meat were grisly. Otherwise, it was tasty. All three dishes from City Cafe were $24 in total. Some fresh sea bass from our neighbor the fisherman. Normally, we steam this with soy sauce and oil. But the fisherman told my dad to microwave cook it. Microwave cook fish?! But it actually worked. It wasn't tough and in fact it was flaky. It's no culinary marvel but it was better than expected from a microwave. My dad tends to either overcook or undercook fish when steaming. The microwave would be a better method for him. Bo Ky Restaurant 80 Bayard St New York, NY 10013 (212) 406-2292 City Cafe 5603 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 686-8288‎

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