Thursday, November 5, 2009

Galaxy Diner

A lazy night in called for take out. We decided to get food from the Galaxy Diner. After a long look at their extensive menu, I picked mozzarella sticks and a beef gyro. He picked chicken wings and a buffalo chicken wrap. Both entrees came with fries. The mozzarella sticks were your typical frozen kind that were re-fried. The accompanying marinara sauce was too sweet. I forgot to take a picture of them. But they were forgettable anyway. The chicken wings were nicely fried. However, the flavor kind of lacked. In the package, they looked as if they should have been buffalo chicken wings. They even came with celery and a ranch sauce. But they lacked the kick. Just fried wings. The buffalo chicken wrap was equally mediocre. The chicken itself wasn't deep fried then tossed in buffalo hot sauce. It tasted like grilled chicken instead. The sauce tasted almost mayo based. No kick here. It was more of a grilled chicken wrap with buffalo mayo sauce. However, the curly fries that came with the sandwich were nice and crispy and already seasoned. A close up of the wrap's innards. No deep fried chicken crust found here. My beef gyro was exactly as I would expect it. Some mystery meat that looked like it came as a long tube that was just sliced and seared. A thick pita came with it and a large side of salad to stuff my gyro. It was mostly lettuce but contained some onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. There were also a couple of olives but they weren't pitted. The tzatziki sauce was not that great. It tasted more like garlic mayo to me with relish in it. I didn't put much on my gyro but it tasted great with my standard fries. In all, a mediocre diner. I've been here for breakfast and it was much better (except for the hash browns). Next time, more breakfast items. Though, we still need to taste the burger here. Galaxy Diner 665 9 Avenue New York, NY 10036 (212) 586-4885

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