Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kati Roll

In another attempt to try something new around Midtown, I ended up at Kati Roll. It was a cool day and something Indian and slightly spicy was on my mind. The place is small but organized. You walk right up to the counter and a man takes your order. He gives you a receipt with a number on it. When they're finished assembling your kati roll(s), they'll call your number. There are a couple of tables for eat-in. But I decided to go back to the cubicle. Once back to the office, I opened up the package and found two neatly wrapped rolls in a foil lined bag. Nice touch on keeping the good warm. On the left is my chicken tikka roll ($4.75). On the right in the Shaami Kabab roll ($5.25). Each filling is wrapped in a delicious paratha bread. I tasted the chicken first. It was really flavorful with some heat. It was just the right amount for me, enough to notice but not too much to warrant water. The chicken were in chunks much like a kebab. I liked that because it made the roll texturally good against a crispy flat bread. The shaami (lamb) was good as well. It's listed as a kebab but my meat was all ground up and loose. The flavor was well done too. It was definitely less spicy than my chicken tikka roll. But I liked the contrast in meat, texture, and flavor. I really liked the kati rolls. It was exactly what I wanted for Indian food without leaving me bogged down for the rest of the day. Two rolls were exactly the perfect amount to be satiated. I would definitely come back here. The Kati Roll Company 49 W39th Street New York, NY 10018 (212)730-4279

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