Monday, November 9, 2009

Lazy Dinner (again)

Sometimes I'm just too lazy to make anything. And I'm too lazy to order take out. Instead, we went into the freezer for some processed food. It definitely hits the spot in times like these. Here you have a couple of hot dogs, some fish filets, and tater tots. And a special treat if Daisy May's mac n cheese. Unhealthy? Yes. Satisfied? Yes.


  1. you should never feel like you have to make excuses for hot dogs and tater tots

  2. your officially a fatty

  3. We all need to indulge ourselves ince in a while this is just an example but eating like this evryday will kill you. Its a fact. BTW we are so many americans so FAT iis it cos they eat a lot of these foods.Thank God the UK doesnt have "tater tots". But thanks for the pic it helped me for my wwork of unhealthy meals. :D


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