Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lunch Week 31: Shrimp with Pasta

So every Sunday, I head over to the kitchen to whip up a big batch of food for lunch next week. Yes, I brown bag. And I almost always do it, unless I become too busy to even buy cold cuts from the deli. I do it for several reasons being health, finance, and laziness. Now, you may think that spending hours on a day off to prep and cook five meals at once is hardly lazy. But let me remind you, I hate it when the time comes to decide what to eat for lunch every day. I work in Midtown so the choices are endless. My problem, the more choices, the harder it is for me. So it's much easier for me to have my lunch ready and already decided. So my lunch for the week: Shrimp with Pasta Too lazy to make anything else, I just used whatever was available in my kitchen. I found a large bag of frozen shrimp. Perfect. Not much cleaning and peeling needed. I just took the tails off each one. And I also found a box of pasta, a can of tomatoes, and some frozen corn and peas. Also, and onion and some garlic. I chopped these up finely. An into a pan they went. I sauteed them until they were soft and translucent. Next, I added the can of tomatoes. I like whole tomatoes better because I like chunky sauce. You can use pureed or crushed here. Using the spatula, I crushed each tomato. Then I simmered the sauce until thickened. Don't forget your salt and pepper here. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil (for the pasta) while this simmers. Once the tomato sauce is ready (taste to make sure), I added the shrimp. The shrimp will slowly cook until completely pink and opaque. For a little richness, I added a touch of cream at the end with the stove off. Drain your pasta and throw it back into the same pot. Add you corn and peas. Lastly, add the shrimp and sauce. Mix thoroughly until everything is incorporated. It's super simple and light. Just the way I wanted it. Also, there's enough sauce to just coat everything. I don't like when a pasta sauce is drowning the pasta. It should add just enough flavor without making it soupy. Yum!

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