Monday, November 16, 2009

Schnitzel & Things Truck

I've been dying to try the new Schnitzel & Things truck our ever since it came out. But for some reason I've been waiting so long. They're decent on the Vendy Awards proved that they were here to stay with good food. So one day I just decided to go and stand in line for some schnitzel. And what a line it was. I arrived at about 12:10 and it was about 20 people deep already. The line moved slowly but efficiently. Once I got to the truck, the service and friendly and fast. Some more minutes were waited until I received my order of cod schnitzel platter with roasted beets and feta salad and Austrian potato salad and some pesto mayo ($10). Back in the warmth of my cubicle, I opened the huge container and found 3 pieces of cod and a decent amount of sides. First, I tried the cod. Still extremely crispy. So nice. The fish was hot and very flaky. It was fresh fish indeed. It tasted very good with no bad fishiness at all. I love fried fish and this held up very well in a covered plastic container. The pesto mayo added a nice flavor to the fish. The beet salad was really refreshing. The feta cheese added a creaminess to the tart beets. And lastly, the potato salad was like mashed potatoes but cold. Interesting indeed. I would definitely go to this truck again and try their other schnitzels. The cod is served in 3 pieces but I hear that their regular schnitzels are one large piece that covers the entire container. Imagine that! Schnitzel & Things

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