Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wedding #4 (Reception)

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island. The grounds are beautiful and extensive. At the wedding reception, we were greeted with a nice buffet dinner. Most of the food was Indian style. Here I have a plate of almost everything. Starting on the left and going clockwise: A simple garden salad (nice and fresh ingredients), some rice pulav, some chicken, chickpea fritters, lentils, chicken tikka, and lamb with rice. Everything tasted nice. Not too spicy. However, there were a couple of dips that made me sweat. Otherwise, nicely spiced and much enjoyed. There was also a carving station that offered a roast and au jus. The meat was tender and really juicy. But there was also too much fat. A third of the slice was fat. I guess that's why it remained so juicy. Also, I think it was cooked to about medium to medium well. It'd rather have medium rare. But that's hard to do under a heat lamp for a large party. Some mini cheesecakse were offered. I thought the toppings represented what was to be found inside. But I was wrong. Most of the cheesecakes tasted exactly the same except for the toppings itself. Strange. Very strange. And finally, the wedding cake or cakes. So beautifully decorated. A close up of one of the cakes. I didn't get a slice of this at the end of the night. I saw some being passed around but no one came around to our table. Boo. I thought the wedding was done nicely. Service was fine. The decor was nice and I enjoyed myself very much. The food was good and filling. It helped fuel me through the rest of the night. South Seas Island Resort 5400 Plantation Road Captiva Island, FL 33924 (866)565-5089

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