Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wedding #4 (Rehearsal Dinner)

A destination wedding is nice in times like these. The weather is getting colder and sunlight is hardly enjoyed inside an office building all day. So wedding #4 brought me to Sanibel Island, FL. It's right off of Fort Meyer's. It's mainly locals meaning uncrowded beaches and local food joints. The rehearsal dinner was at The Jacaranda. It's a seafood restaurant named after an African tree on its property. A simple salad started the meal. I chose the garden salad with tomato vinaigrette. The salad was okay. Nothing wrong. But nothing grand. The vegetables were simple yet fresh enough. The dressing, however, was not good. It was too thick like ketchup and was very sour. I like vinaigrettes but this was too much. The caesar salad, I heard, was better. I guess having lettuce doused in cheese makes it taste good. A palate cleansing sorbet. I think it was mango and passion fruit. It was fine but a little too cold. It certainly helped cleanse my palate and removed the harsh tomato dressing from my mouth. The entree I chose was the stuffed grouper with crabmeat. This was really nice. The grouper was charred just enough for that nice caramelization. The crabmeat was rich and delicious. The rice pilaf was soft and fluffy. The seasonal vegetables added what the dish needed. Overall, a very nice dish. Here you can see the crabmeat mixture sandwiched between the grouper. Oh and the sauce was delectable. The second entree was the rib roast of beef. The menu said medium rare but this didn't look like it. I think because it was cooked improperly. First, the gristle and fat wasn't trimmed. And the rib roast was pre-sliced then cooked. It helps with large parties but doesn't help with taste. If roasted whole then sliced, then it would be cooked perfectly to order (outside for the more well done tastes, and the inside for the more rare tastes). The baked potato and vegetables were standard fare. Desserts included a chocolate turtle. It was more like an ice cream sundae with chocolate ice cream, fudge, nuts and some whipped cream. Nothing wrong with that! And I picked a key lime pie tart. I love key lime and I have very fond memories of an amazing key lime pie years ago. This did not remind me of it. The taste of key lime was here but it wasn't amazing. I'm still in search of that first taste. In all, the meal was okay. The appetizer was mediocre but my entree was very nice. Service was attentive to some but spotty for others. The managers made up for that with extra attention. That was highly appreciated. Having a very large party is hard to do. And seeing how Sanibel Island isn't very populated at all, I don't think they serve this type of party size too often. In end, I was satisfied enough. The Jacaranda 1223 Periwinkle Way Sanibel, FL 33957 (239) 472-1771 jacarandaonsanibel.com

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