Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Pizza from Lazzara's

We finally ordered pizza from Lazzara's. I've heard good things about it some several sources. So when I ordered a sausage and mushroom pie one night, I was surprised with what came at the door. First of all, the box was small. Personal pan pizza small. I opened the box and found a square pie cut into 6 slices. Normally, I wouldn't mind a smaller pizza but this was $17 and I asked for a pie. I didn't specify large or small. But they didn't ask either. I assumed it was the large because they charged us the large pie price. Maybe it was really good pizza, I asked myself. The crust was so thin. It looked good. And upskirt showed that it was nicely charred. Was this pizza about to redeem itself? No. Unfortunately, the crust was soggy. So much so that I couldn't eat it folded in half with one hand. It was a two hander. One hand holding the outside edge of the crust. And the other hand preventing the topping from sliding off. It was a real disappointment. Nothing about this pizza warranted the price. Flavor wise it was okay. But a small, soggy pizza for $17? I think not. We won't be ordering pizza from here again. Fortunately, their regular food passes the test. Lazzara's Pizza 617 9th Avenue New York, NY 10036 (212)245-4440

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