Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Dinner Party

After dimsum on Christmas morning, we headed out to NJ to see his parents and to attend a Christmas dinner party. It was filled with lots of food, games, and a very intense secret santa. In the end, I was happily full with food and grateful for the imfamous white bowl. The party started with lots of appetizers. There were several dips including hummus, spinach, and bean. Of course there were a couple wedges of cheese out. Here's a lentil dip. I think this was some kind of crab dip. Too much mayonaise, in my opinion. Here are some taraporipatio sandwiches. Very popular commodities. They're spicy dried fish sandwiches. Here are some egg salad sandwiches. Of course, pigs in a blanket. A crowd favorite. Some ham and cheese sandwiches. And some green chutney sandwiches. A few cheese puffs here. They could have been more cheesy. Some Indian pin wheels of some sort. I tried these and didn't like it at all. Akoori tarts. They're like Indian spiced scrambled eggs. Mmm,mmm! Delicious budja. There weren't too many of these fried onion and potato fitters. But I saw them right away and had my share. And now the dinner. I started off with some delicious salad. Cheese and pomegrantes! Ooh, nice additions. Chicken and pineapple salad. Hmmm, looked weird so I didn't try it. Some normal chicken salad. Looked to mayo-y to me. Didn't try it. Indian cheese and spinach dish. I forgot the name but it was yummy. Some more lentils. These were good too. They were great over some rice. Here's some chicken and rice. It tasted like chicken bryani. I think this was chicken and spinach. This was good as well. Some sliced ham with mustard. Some stewed eggplant in tomato sauce. Not a fan of eggplant in general so I didn't try this dish. Here's some shrimp. These were good and had a nice refreshing tangy flavor. Some mashed potatoes. And a mushroom salad to lighten things up. Here's my dinner plate of deliciousness. It's a little bit of everything. At the end, I found this unique puff pastry thing. It looked like it was filled with cheese. On a closer inspection, there were some vegetables inside as well. And even further inside, there were kidney beans. Eh, not a good surprise in the end. Lastly, the dessert. This was some kind of soupy dessert. It looked like eggnog to me. I didn't try it but it was popular amongst the other guests. A very appropriate yule log. It was so decorative that nobody wanted to slice it. Here is some panna cotta with poached pears on top. Ms. Pastry Chef made a couple desserts as well. The first was a 3 layer almond cake. And the party favorite from Ms. Pastry Chef was the chocolate mousse cake. This was also my favorite. And some mini cakes to end. I was so stuffed at the end that I wasn't able to try this.

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