Monday, January 4, 2010

Memories of the Past Year: Good and Bad

So I guess I'm supposed to do one of those reflective posts about the past year of eating. I wasn't going to one out of pure laziness. But I owe it to you, my readers, to rehash some good (and bad) eating. I'll start with the good. And keep in mind that this only reflects the places and foods that I blogged about sine March of 2009. So, in no particular order: Best Fine Dining Restaurant Experiences of 2009: Convivio: best deal in the city: 4 course at $59 Momofuko Ko: surprised me in a good way; got me on the David Chang wagon Sushi Yasuda: best sushi in my life on the best day of the year Best Places for Their Craft of 2009: L&B Spumoni Gardens for their grandma slice: the only time I'll pick something over a thin slice of pizza Amy's Bread for their baked goods: so good time and time again Ippudo for their ramen: I ate my own words and agreed to pay a high price for ramen again Best Food Tastings of 2009: Village Voice Choice Eats: a plethora of good food from around the city Secret Lunch with David Chang in Noho: some of the best street food I've had...ever Big Apple BBQ: barbecue overloading goodness Parsi Parties: homemade Indian food; what else can you ask for? Best Trip for Food of 2009: Chapel Hill, NC: those southerners know how to eat; I love Pork! Best Places Found in 2009: Cafe Zaiya: Japanese fast food is great Poseiden Bakery: Greek pastries done the old school and correct way Margon: Latin food at it's finest in Midtown Best Lunch Meal Made by Me: Banh Mi: I couldn't get enough of this Best Dessert Made by Me in 2009: Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Cookies: soft, gooey chocolate cookies with chocolate chips Best Meal Made by Me in 2009: Christmas Eve Dinner: White Truffle Butter goodness Wagyu beef is worth the money Lobster has always been worth the money And chocolate mousse is light and delicious Most Memorable in 2009: Mom's Famous Soy Sauce Chicken: some of the best and some of my last tastes in my life Bountiful amounts of kale from CSA Share: kale overload in 2009 And now the bad. Worst Restaurant Meals in 2009: Famous Dave's BBQ: bad barbecue all around Brother Jimmy's BBQ: can you even call this barbecue? First time I didn't finish my plate of ribs Worst Food Made by Me in 2009: Pear and Blue Cheese Tart: my epic fail of a dessert that I ate and threw away all by myself Worst Lunch Made by me: Oatmeal: lazy week Stuffing: usually great during Thanksgiving, but non review of the recipe left this dish overly brown, soggy, and salty.

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