Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pam Real Thai

Finally, Thai food with the future in laws. We've been planning this for a really long time but things came up and we just didn't get a chance. So when we finally got together, we went for the good stuff at Pam Real Thai. It was a ridiculously cold night again. And we ventured to the original location. It was crowded but we scored the last table which was unfortunately by the door. But after orders taken, the place lightened up a bit and we moved inside. Warm and ready, the food started flowing out of the kitchen. We started off with some shared appetizers. Here was some steamed pork dumplings ($4.95). They remind me of Chinese siu mais. Except they have fried garlic on top. Oooh! And here was have some simple spring rolls with a tangy duck sauce ($3.95). Simple and good. Ms. Executive Chef was feeling under the weather so she ordered some soup. I think she picked the chicken dumpling soup ($3.95). It had wonton looking dumplings, shrimp, and bok choy. She liked it. Mr. Meat & Potatoes ordered the Pad See Ew ($6.50). The noodles were soft and delicious. It came in a slightly sweet sauce. I ordered the green curry with chicken ($7.00). It came withe some white rice. It was delicious. I finished every last drop. It definitely warmed me up and left me very happy. The flavors were really good. Ms. Pastry ordered the Pad Key Mao ($6.50). This tasted similar to the Pad See Ew except the sauce was savory as opposed to sweet. I liked this better. I forgot what this was called but it was stir fried fish with cauliflower, broccooli, and beans. It was really good and looked fantastic. Mr. Sous Chef also had the green curry with he had his with shrimp. There was a lot of shrimp in it. Yum! I really like Pam Real Thai. The flavors was really clean and bold. It's what I think Thai food should be. No wonder it's always packed. I wouldn't go to other Thai places around the area unless they can beat this place. Pam Real Thai Food 404 W49th Street New York, NY 10036 (212) 333-7500

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