Friday, January 29, 2010

Shake Shacking It Again

After having a burger from Shake Shack not too long ago, I couldn't get it out of my brain. That juicy, fatty burger with cheese. Yeah, it's well done but there's enough flavor and fat to compensate for it. So one spontaneous night, Mr. Meat & Potatoes and I were driving back from Brooklyn when hunger struck. "What should be eat?", he asked. I replied, "I feel like burgers." Silence...then "Shake Shack!", I exclaimed. Done and done. No pondering or debating. We drove straight there. It was a cold winter night so there was no line to order. I quickly chose a Shake Stack ($8.75), a Double Shack burger ($7.25), and some fries ($2.75). However, there was a line to wait for the food. No biggie. Their heat lamps were firing away. And I watched them make every burger and basket of fries fresh to order. When I finally got my order, I rushed into the car to pick at the fries. I was ravenous from standing next to the Shack and smelling all delicious odors emanating from it. Not being greedy, I fed some to Mr. M&P too. Surprisingly, the fries were really good. Normally, they're meh but I like fried potatoes and always get them. This time they were still hot, super crispy (but soft on the inside), and well salted. I guess it does pay off to watch them make fresh batches of fries in the winter. When we got home, we chowed down on our respective burgers. He had the Double Shack Burger. Good, delicious, simple, satisfying. I had the Shack Stack. For those who do not know what that is, let me enlighten you. It's a cheeseburger with a fried cheese stuffed portobello mushroom on top. And this is what it looks like inside. Yes, gooey, melted cheese on a mushroom, deep fried and on top a fatty beef patty with cheese. Glorious! Were we happy with the meal? Hell yes! Did we devour everything? Double Hell yes! Shake Shack Madison Square Park New York, NY 10010 (212) 889-6600


  1. HOLY HELL! I never knew of the shack stack! It looks divine but oh so bad for me!

    I love my fries that way too! Soggy fries are an abomination!

  2. I've heard of the Shack Stack but need to experience it for myself. That burger looks awesome!

    I really enjoyed the Double Stack the last time I ate it, at Citifield though.

    I need to hit up Shake Shack by Mad. Sq. Park. No lines during the winter is definitely an incentive to go. :)


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