Monday, February 1, 2010


I went to Corton this past Saturday for dinner with my best friend. It's a quaint place in Tribeca and it's easy to miss. I know I walked past it before circling back for the door. Once inside, it's quite nice. The clean, crisp whiteness of the place is elegant and sophisticated. It's small and intimate but the high ceilings makes it feel bigger. Through the door, I was quickly asked for my coat and the host knew exactly whom I was. My friend had already arrived and was sitting at the bar enjoying a glass of wine. We were quickly escorted to our table and our waitress approached us. We were greeted and given the menus. Our choice were either a 3 course prix fixe at $85 or the tasting menu at $145. We looked at the tasting menu but I was excited about all the choices. We opted for the prix fixe instead. When the waitress came back, we placed out order. Quickly after that we were presented with some amuse bouche. One was a gougere type bite was a soft, and delicious cheese in the middle. It was fantastic. Ather was a bagel like bite but was quite forgettable. Another had some kind of blue cheese on a pastry. I liked this one too. But my favorite was a soup with foie gras in the bottom. Delicious! Afterwards, our appetizers came. I ordered the foie gras and my friend had the farm egg. Both were beautifully presented like artwork. And the tableside service pouring the sauce/soup was great. Each dish came with a few small side dishes. They were surprises that we happily accepted. I loved my foie gras that came as a ball in a beet gelee. The accompaniment were fanastic and I ate all of it. My friend loved her egg which was runny and soft. She had a slew of extra dishes and couldn't finish it all. For entrees we had the lamb and the beef, both medium rare. They came out cooked perfectly (I assumed they were souv vide) and the sauce poured on tableside. Again, a slew of accompaniments. They were so many that I can't even remember them all. I felt overwhelmed but not in a bad way. I was happy to have received so much delicious food. We both started on our dishes and loved every little bite of it. Again, we finished off our plates. We were so happy with the food. Although, it seemed like a lot we had room for dessert. I picked the chocolate tart and my friend had the clafoutis. Again, delicious. The tart was rich and decadent but not too much where I couldn't finish it. It was delicious. The clafoutis was light but buttery at the same time. It reminded me of a madeline but much better. After dessert we were presented with a couple of gelees. Normally, I don't like gelees and wouldn't really care for them. But these were nice. They were soft and citrusy. Then came out the truffles and bon bons. They asked which one would we like to try. And of course we had one of each. There were 3 types of macaroons: chocolate, lemon, and passion fruit. The last one was our favorite. Lastly, we had a slew of chocolates of different flavors. Our favorite was the simple dark chocolate ganache. We really enjoyed our meal. So much so that we didn't even notice that it took 4 hours. I don't think all the diners took that long since some showed up and left before us. But we were having such a good time and the timing of everything was fantastic. I don't have a single bad thing to say about Corton. It was just lovely and would absolutely go back again without a doubt. Service, food, decor, just everything was great. Corton 239 West Broadway New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-2777

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  1. I love french food! Sounds like a great place!


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