Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Trip to Philly (Part 1): Reading Terminal Market - Savory

A trip to Philly to see some friends and their new baby! But we take some time to indulge in some good ol' Philly classics. At least, that's what I heard. My first stop: Reading Terminal Market. I've read and seen so many things about this place that I had to go. Good, bad, crowded, touristy? Whatever, I didn't care. One thing is for sure, they had good food here. So I arrived on a Saturday afternoon at around 12noon. It was crowded. But I'm from NYC so crowds are no different to me. Walking around the stalls a little bit, I can see how people would like some place like this. It's everything in one place. You can eat, shop for groceries, and shop for other goods all at the same place. How convenient! It somewhat reminded me of Grand Central Terminal but better with more shops. It also felt more intimate. Now, on to the food. My first stop (as recommended by almost everyone) was Dinic's. I've seen this place all over television. I had to stop by for a roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone cheese. When I got to the stall, there was a line already. But we stood on it anyway. I'm glad it was the first stop because as we stood for the 'take-out only' line, it quickly doubled and tripled. They take multiple orders at once to speed up the process. I like it. Fast, efficient, and delicious. As you wait, you can see them slice up the meat, dip it in the juices, and assemble on the roll. We got one sandwich to share (plus a medium drink - ~$9) as to leave room for other foods nearby. The sandwich came dripping with juices. The paper was definitely needed. The sandwich isn't especially too large. I could definitely eat a whole one by myself for lunch and not feel overstuffed. But it certainly isn't a light lunch. And here's a lovely close up. So what did I think? Delicious! The meat was juicy and tender. The broccoli rabe was a nice add on since it was sauteed with garlic. And the provolone cheese was sharp enough to cut through everything. The bread held up and kept everything in place even with the juices. I would definitely have this again. Next on the list, Delilah's. Mr. Meat & Potatoes wanted to get the mac n' cheese. Oprah likes it. So why wouldn't we? Here's a small mac n' cheese (~$5). We shared this. Thank god because I don't think I could eat all of it myself. Not because it was too rich. But because it wasn't good. The pasta and cheese totally separated. The pasta was mushy. And it wasn't cheesy and creamy. Just lumps of cheese. And it became quite oily. I think it suffered from being in the steaming station for too long. I wouldn't choose to eat this again. And to round out the savory food: some pretzels from Miller's Twist. They're in the Amish part of the market. The people are super nice and you can watch them make pretzels while you wait. But we didn't have to wait. They're really quick with their service. We bought a ham and cheese pretzel log to start. I forgot how much it was but it was decently priced. And here is the inside. A decent amount of ham and cheese in there. Nice! I hate when places are cheap with their fillings. They're just cheating you. But not here. Yum! And some pigs in a blanket with spicy, sweet mustard. I also forget how much this was. But this was good. I liked this better than the ham and cheese. The mustard was a little weird though. It was as if they took sweet mustard and just added spicy to it. So it was sweet and spicy. I'd rather just have spicy. But that's just me. Mmm, mmm. I would definitely get another pretzel. Maybe just plain next time. Reading Terminal Market Tommy Dinic's Roast Pork & Beef Delilah's Miller's Twist 12th & Arch Streets Philadelphia, PA 215-922-2317

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