Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parsi Birthday Food

My birthday rolls around every year and what do I expect? Lots of good food, damn it! It's a variety of expensive restaurants, home cooked food, and comfort foods. This time, it was home cooked Parsi food. I get to pick what I want every year. I like variety so I go for it all. Hahah! Below is just a small sampling of what I had. Don't mind the salad. It's for health reasons. So we started off the night with some budja and peppers. It's fried onion fritters, and fried hot peppers. They're great! Here's a close up of the peppers. You can vary the type of pepper you want. Some were spicy and some were mild. I tend to like the mild. And here's the budja. Mmmm, onion-y battered fritters. And on to dinner. The ever so present salad. It helps you keep regular with all this heavy food. Ah, the chicken. I love this chicken. A crazy mix of flavors in your mouth. Sweet, tangy, slightly spicy. Ooh yeah. And crunchies on top. Good textural difference. Some kolmi palov. It's shrimp with rice. And there are some hard boiled eggs too. I love shrimp and eggs. And spiced rice. Yum! And the main dish: dar. A lentil based curry like mixture. It's thick and creamy but no curry flavor at all. I think there are a lot of nuts in it. A fan favorite: pattis. I've written about these before but I'll explain them again. Seasoned ground beef wrapped in mashed potatoes then deep fried. This is what the inside looks like. Drool... And here's another variation that has spiced scrambled eggs instead of beef. And lastly, a cake. Chocolate cake to be exact. Thanks to Ms. Pastry Chef. And no, it didn't look weird like the picture. I blurred out my name, duh. All sliced, this was the inside. A 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Oh baby. A slice for good health. Oh, and this isn't an Indian nor Parsi dessert. Asian countries no not do chocolate desserts well.


  1. mmmm. I need to try this parsi place!!! MMMM and the cake looks like heaven!

  2. @Mo: This isn't a restaurant. It's a family's home!

  3. OMG that chocolate cake!!!!

  4. Cool. Happy Belated Hungry.
    Damn, that chocolate-chocolate cake looks awesome.


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