Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sho Shaun Hergatt

Dinners in January with friends are the best. I get to pick the places and we get to enjoy my fantastic choices. *Patting myself on the back*. In all seriousness though, I didn't really choose Sho Shaun Hergatt. It was recommended to me by some great people on Some of those people really know their stuff. And I tend to listen to a couple of them over the masses. In any case, they did me a great favor again. Sho was fantastic. And definitely a sleeping jewel. It sits on the second floor of the Setai Hotel. Nicely decorated. Both modern and old. Good mix. I felt at ease there. I arrived early and enjoyed a Spicy Passion martini. I think that was the name. It was a rum based martini with passionfruit puree and chili pepper flakes. Sweet from the fruit but a little kick from the chili. It was great and exactly what I needed then. When my friend arrived, we were escorted to our table while passing a long row of glass cabinets housing bottles of wine. It was a cool effect. We were sat next to the kitchen. How did I know? The kitchen and dining room is separated by a glass wall. You can see all the chefs and their stations. It was fantastic. We were given the menus and our waiter explained that they offer a 3 course prix fixe ($69), a 6 course tasting menu (~$95), or a 15 course grand tasting (~$125). We thought and debated and I liked the 6 course and he liked the 15 course. Oh well, 3 course prix fixe then. At least we would be able to pick what we want to eat with that menu. After ordering, they started us off with some amuse bouche. From right to left, we enjoyed a poached quail's egg, goat cheese and crackers, and lobster shooter. I know these aren't the official names but it's what I can remember. They were fantastic. The quails egg was so delicate. It popped with flavor in my mouth. The goat's cheese was remarkably light. Usually, it's heavy with a strong flavor. The lobster shooter had bisque-like creaminess. It was very decadent. Next up, a hamachi tartare with radish and a sprig of greens. A nice refreshing element to start off the rest of the dinner. Before our appetizers came out, we were offered some delicious breads that were still warm. To that, they offered some goats milk butter and some black truffle butter. Fantastic! I normally do not have much bread with my meal. But I love truffle butter. To start, I ordered the Red Chili and Coconut Milk Glazed Quail. Under that are some wilted greens. And to the side are shitake mushrooms. This dish was superb. The quail was absolutely tender and flavorful. The white orb was a runny egg as well. I only wish I could have more of it. He ordered the Sweetbread Poele. He loved it. He said he never had sweetbreads prepared this way: crispy on the outside, yet soft on the inside. Underneath was black truffle risotto which is decadence in itself. And a nice slice of truffle on top. For my entree, I chose the Slow Poached Maine Lobster. Absolutely tender and juicy. Nothing overpowered the natural deliciousness of the lobster meat. Under the tail was some white polenta. To the left was more lobster with a cracker of some kind on top. And to the right was some lightly cooked scallions. I love lobster. It wasn't hard for me to love this dish too. He picked the River and Glenn Rabbit Loins. He really enjoyed this too. The rabbit was tender and not gamey at all. It sat on top of some beans and spinach. We both finished our plates completely. Although the food was decadent, we didn't feel overwhelmed. He had plenty of room for dessert. After a quick inquiry of each, I picked one with a layer of cake with a creamy filling sandwiched between crisps. And on top were some poached pears. I enjoyed this very much and it ended my meal nicely. Sorry, I do not remember the name of my dessert. And he picked the Butterscotch dessert. That large cylinder is made from butterscotch except it was light and cool. The best way to describe this dish, as my friend coined, is a deconstructed butterscotch apple (similar to a caramel apple). With all the element put back together (green apple ice cream, butterscotch cream, nuts, and buttery wafers), it really tasted like it. Yum! And to end things, we were offered some goodies from the bon bon cart. This is quite apparent in the more finer restaurants. And I love it! We were satiated from our meal but I couldn't help but agree with our server that he wanted us to try every one. Oh yes, he knows me well. From right to left: Coconut macaroon (?), lemon or passionfruit macaroon (I forget), citrus gelee, grape gelee, marshmallow on shortbread, poppyseed macaroon, chocolate macaroon, sesame macaroon, and chocolate with fruit and nuts. All very lovely. Some macaroons are better than others. I have yet to find a chocolate macaroon that I like. And now, the really good stuff: chocolate truffles. From the back to front: chocolate peppermint, chocolate something, and salted caramel. On the side were some nougat with pistachios. I love nougat so this was great. It reminded me of torrone. Yum! My favorite truffle was the salted caramel. He thought it was too sweet. But the salt was nice. I loved this restaurant and I think it definitely doesn't get enough credit. It's not really spoken about in the masses. Maybe that's why it's remained so great. I would definitely recommend this place. Absolutely fantastic. Sho Shaun Hergatt 40 Broad Street New York, NY 10004-2913 (212) 809-3993


  1. 15 courses would have been insane!

    looks great.

  2. and Hungry, i figured out in order to comment I have to go to IE. silly blogspot

  3. @Steve: That's strange. I use Firefox for all my browser needs.


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