Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bobby's Burger Palace

Sometimes being in NJ isn't all that bad. You can find some really great gems (Sergio's, Denville Dairy, Halo Pub, Hoagie Haven). To avoid another meal at the mall food court, this time I did a little research. I promptly found Bobby's Burger Palace. I've heard of this place before but never really thought anything of it. But it was a nice day to see what this Iron Chef was all about. This restaurant is located at the Bergen Town Center not too far from the Paramus Mall. When we arrived there on a warm Saturday afternoon, the place was swamped. But the line seemed to move quickly. Right when you enter, you have 2 lines: one for take out and one for sit in. Of course the sit in line was the one that was long. But like I said, it seemed to go quickly. Once you order, you get a ticket and stand on a different line and wait to be seated. This is where everything worried me. Seating usually takes a really long time. But I was wrong. Things moved pretty well and the guy who was working the front of the house really had smooth. Once seated, they bring your food to you. They'll even explain a couple of things if you want. I ordered the LA Burger ($7.50) which came with avocado, watercress, cheese, and tomato. Oh and they let you cook the burger to order. Yes, medium rare please. It's my first. I'm usually a medium burger type but I decided to try a step down. I like my steaks that way, why not burgers? And here's what the inside looked like. Medium rare. Nice pink/redness. It was super juicy but the bun soaked it all up without breaking apart. That's always nice. The burger itself was big and enough to feed a very hungry person. The best part, it was well seasoned. I could taste the heavy hand of salt on the crust of the patty. Mmm, I love salt. NYC salt ban stay away from me! He ordered a Palace Classic burher with bacon ($6.50 plus bacon ~$1.00). He also liked it very much. Though his burger juices ran on his plate. To share, we ordered a side of onion rings ($3). These are quite big and came out ridiculously hot. The best part though was that you can taste real onions in it; not just batter. When I bit into one, the juices came out! They never happens. They were quite nice. And some french fries ($2.50). They were crisp, salty, and delicious. Even though I was stuffed from my burger, I polished these off easily. For fun, we had a black and white milkshake to share. It was quite nice. Thick and smooth. The flavors were what I expected. Bobby's Burger Palace is quite nice. And I would come here again. The food was good and the service was quick. We asked at the end if we had to tip because some did bring us our food and also checked up on us halfway through. They also clean off any empty dishes. Tipping was completely optional. And although I didn't see one person tip at all, we left some money. We made sure the manager saw that because he was the driving force of keeping things running smoothly. Bobby's Burger Palace Bergen Town Center 610 Bergen Town Center Paramus, NJ 07652 (201) 368-7001


  1. JERSEY RULES!!!!!

    no burger with potato chips on it? FAIL!

  2. Sweet. I can gaze upon burgers again. :P

    LA Burger looks fresh with the vegs. offered and the onion rings look GREAT!!!


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