Saturday, March 27, 2010

Burgers at Home

Ah I'm on a burger fix and wanted to make some at home. I've always been fond of Bubba and Topps burgers as they satisfied my cravings. But it's about time I make my own burgers. So this is my first attempt of probably many attempts until I get something good. So, I start off with some ground beef. I don't have my own grinder so this will have to do until I get good enough to warrant that purchase. I bought 80/20 ground chuck from the market. I lightly mixed in some bacon fat (yes, I render bacon fat and store it) and formed them into patties. I made sure not to work them too much. As the beef patties came up to temperature from the fridge, I worked on the toppings. Here are some onions to be caramelized. And some lovely bacon that were cooked on low to render the fat. Got to add to the supply. By the way, I like my bacon ham like and soft. Please don't judge. And some sliced tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, and pickles. And now the burgers are ready. I heat up a pan until really hot, then I seasoned the out of the burgers. Into the pan they went. Sizzle! Splatter! Oooh, messy. One flip and the sliced cheddar goes on top. When they're ready, onto some Martin's potato rolls. I had one plain cheese burger with ketchup. And one with all the toppings. The verdict? Overcooked and under seasoned. Damn it! So, this is what I learned from attempt #1: *My usual heavy hand of salt isn't going to do it. A need a super heavy hand. *Burgers cook up really fast and would probably need to cook them in 1/4 of the time. *Bacon fat adds a lot of moisture to the patties. Even though they were well done (we prefer medium to medium rare), they were still super juicy. And they were so tender that the patties started falling apart in our hands. Hmm, maybe too much fat? In the end, I still enjoyed my burgers. Yes, much more can be had. But it's a learning process. A slow one, I bet. Whatever, just more burgers to be had.


  1. Cool. Home-made bacon cheddar burger. *drools*

  2. you had me at "I render bacon fat and store it."


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