Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creamy White Chocolate from Japan

My boss came back from a trip to Asia with some treats in hand. He had some of this delicious white chocolate from Japan. If you don't know already but Japan makes some of the best milky products out there. They're especially good at candy. I don't know what but it's always so rich and delicious. So here's a closeup of the box. Seemingly normal to me. And here is a close up of the pieces of chocolate. Upon first taste, it didn't taste like white chocolate at all. Instead, it tasted only of milk or cream. It was so rich and creamy. So much milk flavor, it was ridiculous. I don't consider it chocolate at all. I normally do not like white chocolate but this was great. I wonder if it was mislabeled. Asian countries tend to do that a lot. None the less, this was delicious. I could not stop eating this. I eventually had to wrap it back up and stow it away in my drawer out of sight. Too easy to overdose on this.


  1. Fun Fact of the Day: White Chocolate is not chocolate, it's cocoa butter.

    never heard of Japanese chocolate before, interesting.

  2. That looks so interesting! I love white chocolate, and I love how a country with so little dairy in their diet makes such yummy looking chocolates.


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