Friday, March 12, 2010

Uncle Nick's

I really do need to explore my neighborhood some more. There are some really great places that I still need to visit. On a walk about one day, Mr. Meat & Potatoes and I stopped by Uncle Nick's for some lunch. I've been to the Ouzaria side but this is the actual restaurant. It was completely empty on this particular day. But that didn't stop us. It started to fill up as the time went by anyway. We started off with the dips sampler ($9). It included Tzatziki (Yoghurt, Cucumber and Garlic Dip), Tarama (A fluffy, tangy fish roe dip), Melitzanosalata (Eggplant Dip) & Scordalia (Potato and Garlic Dip). I've had this before and it was still as delicious as ever. The hot pita that they give you is delicious. We easily plow through the entire thing with 2 plates of bread. Our favorite is the Tarama. The fish roe is just fishy enough for lots of flavor. Our least favorite was the Scordalia. It wasn't garlicky enough for us. None the less, we ate every last bite, including the olives/garnishes. For entree, he ordered the Gyro Plate ($10). It's an open faced gyro served with a side of rice. This was really big and would easily be shared between 2 people. But since we're big eaters, we each had out own entrees. The taste was really good. The meat was savory and delicious. The side salad was lightly dressed. The pita was hot. Even the rice was tasty. I ordered the Pastitscio ($10). Again, a very large portion. If you're unfamiliar with this Greek dish, basically it's layers of pasta and meat with a bechamel sauce. It's similar to an Italian lasagna but Greek. It was completely delicious. I couldn't finish it all since it was very rich and filling. I wanted to though. The side of potatoes was nice with the lemony flavor. The salad was, again, simple and lightly dressed. Here's a close up of the pastitscio. Oooh, baby! I want some now! I really liked this place. I would definitely come back. Next time, I'll try the Gyro sandwich. It's half the price of the plate but it's still really big. As we were leaving, I saw a couple eating it. It looked so good. Uncle Nick's 747 9th Avenue New York, NY 10019 (212) 315-1726‎

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  1. Damn, the gyro platter and pastitscio look good! They should give you a dab of Tzatziki with the Gyro though. ;P


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