Thursday, March 25, 2010

Village Voice Choice Eats 2010

The Village Voice Choice Eats Event is something that I look forward to every year. It's a tasting event that affordable and features some of the best restaurants in town. Now, they don't have 3 star Michelin places but these are places that people go to for the food. It's all about the food and affordability. This is the common man's tasting event and it's awesome! They also serve a wide variety of wineries and beers along with the food. All this for only $35 each. I'm all about the food. So, learning from last year's event, I went with a plan. The Choice Eats get pretty crowded quickly. So it's actually kind of important to hit as many tables as possible. I start at one end and go around the perimeter. Then, I snake my way through the middle tables. Oh, and share every single plate. It's the only way to eat everything without bursting at the seams. So here we go! Tiffin Wallah: Flavorful and filling. Purple Yam - Delicious! Sweet buns made from yams. Toloache Ovelia Psistaria - Cheesy Ovelia Psistaria - tender meat cooked rare. Oooh la la. Zuzu Ramen Sheep Station - Love those meat pies and sausage roll Despana - Who doesn't like a chorizo sandwich? Congee Village Cheeky Sandwiches - Mmmm, meaty. Spot Dessert - Was I the only one who wasn't crazy about this? Hummus Place Bep No. 7 - Fake Lobster Meat goodness. Salty but still good. My favorite! No. 7 Highlands Txikito Juliette AM Thai Chili Basil - Shrimp was undercooked... AM Thai Chili Basil Patacon Pisao - Flavorful! Cafe Glechik An Choi - Pork Belly fatty goodness Del Posto - Ice cream pop yum! (A Fave!) Egg Sigmund Pretzel Fette Sau - Meat, meat, meat El Almacen Radegast Hall & Biergarten - Another sausage roll Fort Defiance - Mmm, deviled eggs Motorino - Octopus Salad with a great vinaigrette (A fave!) Salumeria Rosi - Mortadella...the only bologna I'll eat Resto The Vanderbilt - Headcheese and terrine goodness Pinche Taqueria Mantao Chinese Sandwiches Mustang Thakali Kitchen - Dry Dumpling Jimmy's No 43 Mama's Food Shop - Mac n Cheese? Yes please. Lucy's Whey - I love cheese. Porchetta - Where are the cracklings? Max - Cold lasagna is never good Spicy Bampa - Dry... Xi'an Famous Foods - Noodle skin (a fave!) Xunta Mercadito - my longest wait and it wasn't worth it The Village Voice Choice Eats The 69th Armory 68 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010 (212) 643-3152


  1. you must have been really Hungry!

    i was thinking about going since I live so close to the Lex Armory, but not a fan of huge crowds. Hence, my hate for the Big Apple BBQ.

    i am thinking of checking out the new No.7 for a sandwich today.

  2. @Steve: If you want to go but avoid the crowd, you can buy a VIP ticket (costs extra) and go in an hour ahead of time before everyone else. Also, for the Big Apple BBQ, there are VIP tickets where you can sit in a designated area and have someone get you your BBQ.

    Money makes things happen!

  3. DAMN, that's a LOT of food! It looks like a good tasting at VV CE. Not bad at all for $35.


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