Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amy's Bread: Quiche and Cheddar Biscuit

So every time I have to travel outside of the city during the weekend, I stop by Amy's Bread for some snacks for the ride. I've been in love with their quiches ($5.50) lately. I've had the ham and cheese, the spinach and mushroom, and roasted vegetables. I really enjoy the spinach and mushroom. But this time around, I had the roasted vegetables. It's just alright and my least favorite. And he had the cheddar biscuit ($1.25). This is always a good buy. Soft and flaky. Cheesy and buttery. What's not to like? Amy's Bread will heat up a variety of their baked goods. But it usually takes a really long time because they use a flat grill press instead of the oven or microwave.

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  1. AAhhhhhhh I'm blinded by the cheddar biscuit. :)
    That reminds me that I haven't eaten Red Lobster in a while.


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