Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Attempt #2: Burgers at home again

So I'm determined to master my own burger. From the mistakes I made last time, I wanted to at least to have some improvement. I know I won't master my burger for awhile. So this time I worked on the cooking time and the seasoning. I heated up a pan with vegetable oil. While that got heated up, I worked on my meat. I used the same kind of beef: ground chuck 80/20. I seasoned the meat liberally with salt and pepper. Then I formed the patties with a light hand. No overworking the meat. When the patties were formed, I also seasoned the outside. Then they immediately went into the pan. Sizzle! Just 1-2 minutes and they get flipped. A couple of minutes on this side as well. Once flipped, the sliced cheddar goes immediately on the cooked side. Out of the pan and onto a plate to rest, I prepped the non-meat parts of the burgers. I toasted the potato buns. I find that they tend to hold up better with a slight toasting. Some condiments and a couple of sliced of pickles too. The patties go on the buns. And a side of cheesy mashed potatoes. You may be wondering why the potatoes are brown. Well, skins on. And here's the cross section. Not bad with the medium rare. However, I thought the middle was still a little cold. Next time, I'll let the meat come to room temperature some more. Also, it still wasn't seasoned enough. I'm using a new salt and haven't come to terms to its saltiness yet. So far, I found out that I need to add more than what I have been used to. Also, I would have like a better crust on the meat. I'll make the pan even more screaming hot next time. But the buns were great. The toasting was really nice. There was definitely an improvement in my burgers this time. The meat was closer to medium rare. And the beef was better seasoned. But there's still some work to do. More salt, higher heat, more resting.

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  1. they look juicy and delicious. I always season the meat and lightly hand mix it before making the patties and I second the Screaming hot pan. You gotta wait for that amazing sizzle sound! thats the sound that causes instant droolage.


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