Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's getting warm enough for me to walk to K-Town for lunch again. So I wanted to hit up some place new though Woorijip would be so good and easy at the same time. But new was on my mind. A recent post from Midtown Lunch about E-Mo led me there. E-Mo is a kimbap hole in the wall place. If you want kimbap, they have many varieties here. If you want anything else, they won't have it. I love places that just specialize in one thing. So kimbap is what most people would call Korean sushi. But it's so different to me. First, I've never seen raw fish used here. Yeah, the seaweed and the rice is there. And it's in a roll. But the seaweed and rice tasted different to me. It looks similar but tastes so different to me. A brisk walk and I was there. I ordered the #2 which is the beef kimbap ($5.50). They were assembling the other ingredients for the lunch hour rush so my order came pretty quickly. They asked if I wanted soup but I declined. Back at my desk, I opened by container and was happily surprised with the amount of food I got. It was definitely enough to satiate me. More importantly, it was enough to keep me full through the afternoon. And here's a closeup of one piece of kimpbap. A nice layer of rice with tons of veggies (some pickled), and the lovely crunch of that radish. The beef flavor was pretty none existent for me. Too bad. However, I would definitely come here again. The kimbap in general was very tasty. The price is right. And I just got to love places like these. Hard working people perfecting the one thing on their menu. E-Mo 2 West 32nd Street New York, NY 10001 (212) 594-1466‎

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  1. best take away kimbap in k-town, but one roll isn't enough and two is way too much. a pitstop at woorijip is necessary


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