Saturday, April 3, 2010

Umu Sushi

Huge craving for sushi. Not the really good kind though. Just sushi in general. Sometimes, I just want that generic deli sushi. It's good enough to satisfy by craving without breaking the bank. I've been getting a flier at the apartment lately for this Umu sushi place. The prices are normal. Their party platters are priced really well. This 34 piece platter cost about $25. A good variety of staple sushi: tuna, salmon, rolls, california, eel, shrimp, roe, yellowtail, and crab stick. The sushi looked okay. It certainly passed the smell test. Bite after bite, it didn't fall to food poisoning. Yes! But I did notice that it wasn't the freshest I've had. It was basically generic deli sushi. I got what I paid for. I also ordered some gyoza to eat. The came steamed instead of pan fried. The menu didn't state a different but I thought they're usually pan fried. Oh well. They were really generic and ho hum. It was what I wanted, store bought quality dumplings. It satiated me. So after a little thinking, I realized that Umu Sushi and Happy Family share the same address and phone number. Basically, this take out Chinese American place also serves sushi. That kind of scares me a bit. It had me worry about worms. But it's been a while and nothing has happened. I would think I'm in the clear. Would I order from here again? I don't think so. Just knowing that it's being catered by a Chinese take out place really does frighten me. Umu Sushi 500 W43rd Street New York, NY 10036 (212)695-6032

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  1. don't support restaurants that slip fliers under your door! we need to teach them a lesson.


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