Saturday, May 1, 2010

Backyard Grilling: Burgers and Sausages

So the weather is warm and the grill is uncovered. Time for some backyard barbecue-ing. Well not real barbecue. This is grilling. High heat, fast cooking. And burgers are always on the menu. Thick and juicy, they're delicious. This time, it's a new grill, a new gas line, and a new method. Yes, I finally convince Mr Sous Chef to not press down on the burgers. He used to do it cook it faster but it just really leads to dry burgers. Pressing down=letting the juices out. Not good for any type of meat. And also, we bought a slightly higher percentage of fat to meat ratio. Just normal white buns. But how did I spice it up? I dragged the bread across the plate and through the burger juices/gravy. Oh yeah! And here's the completed burger. Thicker, juicier, tastier. We tried to cook it to medium. But unfortunately, they were held in the oven to keep warm. When that happens, it becomes fully cooked. None the less, it was tasty. And the sausages. Sweet Italian sausage. Tasty! Between some bread with some condiments. Not a bad lunch at all.

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  1. Can't go wrong with greasy boogers. MmMmmm Beefy. Boo to squishing out any meat juices.

    Nice, plump Italian sausages. Ah man. You and your mustard. I know, I know. You like it. ;)


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