Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Wong, again

Ms. Lollipop stayed the night. So the next morning, we all went to Chinatown for some breakfast. And of course, we went to Big Wong. Tried and true, it satisfies our hunger. This time around, I ordered the Special Congee. This is rice porridge with all kinds of meats nad ingredients in it including ground pork, octopus, etc. It's delicious. I've been getting this for decades. Not much has changed except for the size and price. It's gotten smaller and more expensive. Just shows you that the world has changed. This type of food is really great for cold, wintry nights. Too bad it was a warm, spring day. Yes, I was sweating from eating. I also ordered a plate of char siu for the table. Roast pork that's slightly sweet and salty. This time the meat was a little lean. I forgot to tell the waitress for half lean, half fatty. That's okay though. It was still delicious. Mr. Meat & Potatoes and Ms. Lollipop got the same thing. One plate each of the ever so popular Beef Ho Fun. Stir fried flat rice noodles with sliced of beef in a delicious and salty soy sauce based flavor. What don't you like about it? This is a popular thing to get because you need a very hot wok to stir fry properly without adding too much oil. An oily ho fun is not a delicious ho fun. I don't remember how much each dish was but I do remember that everything together was around $20. Yum, yum. What can I say? Cheap food that's so soul satisfying. Can't get better than that. Big Wong 67 Mott Street New York, NY 10013 (212) 964-0540


  1. i love the roast pork omlette.
    I like that you like the same places i liek LOL.
    i cant take credit for finding this place on my own, my friend Andy who has since moved to China took me here and I love it!

  2. Sampan congee/ Tang jai juk is great. I'd eat it, even if it's hot outside. Chinese fried dough/ Yau ja gwai for dipping too.

    Char siu looks alright. I havne't had a good pork bun in ages.

    And I want some Dry fried beef Chow Fun/ Gon chow ngau hor. Been too long.


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