Monday, May 24, 2010

FBM Potluck

My very 1st Potluck was held at my rooftop deck. It's finished and actually quite nice. There's a bar, some benches, and a couple of lounge chairs for use. Luckily it was rainless day. Unluckily, it was 90 degrees and hot. But that didn't stop us from drinking and eating through the day and night. So everyone brought over some food. Here's a pic of the first round of food that people brought. Yes, more food was on the way. Delicious food! My porchetta! Did I say this was awesome and super delicious?! Yeah, I was that proud of it. Some ghost chile chili. This was spicy but wasn't inedible. Then again, just the smallest amount of the ghost chile was added. Thank god! Other than the spiciness, it was really flavorful. Look at all those ingredients. Chorizo and black bean soup. I tasted this hot which was good. But the day was freaking hot! I let this cool down and it was still freaking delicious! Nem nuong rolls or summer rolls. There was a side of peanut sauce which was freaking awesome. I couldn't get enough of these. Even when the rice skin hardened, I still ate it. Some Korean noodles. Spicy but good! Cabbage, eggs, and other delicious things. BBQ brisket: soft, tender, and flavorful. Orzo salad: nice and light. Perfect for a hot day. Seven layer dip. Who doesn't like dip? Fool! Even after sitting in the sun, people still ate this. Roasted sunchokes. I never had this as itself. Texture is unique, as well as the flavor. A nice light salad. Always important to have balance people! I definitely had a full veggie plate in between everything else. BBQ Chicken Pizza: chicken, cheese, cresent roll, and bbq sauce. What's not to like? Chimichurri steak salad: loved the sauce. Unique. Never heard or had this before. I gobbled this up. Seafood pajeon: light and yummy. I could never get my pancakes this light! Soba salad: light and refreshing. Perfect summer day food. Homemade stromboli: pepperoni and sausage. A crowd favorite! Lemon chiffon cake: goddamn this was good. And some lovely lobster tails. Cream filled goodness. Cream puffs and cannoli. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! And I made some Ghirardelli chocolate chocolate chip cookies with hazelnuts. The potluck was a success with me taking all the leftovers. Yes! Hahah! But people had a really good time. Drinks were flowing and shenanigans began. All in all a day of of drinking, eating, and smack talk.


  1. mmm, such a great day.

    no pic of my bloody toe? :(

  2. Awesome! All that food!
    Never get tired of looking at it. *drools*

    Very nice day out on a roof.
    I wish I ate more.

  3. @Steve: Contrary to popular belief, your toe is not edible.

    @TC: You snooze, you lose.

  4. Okay, then next time I'm not drinking and ONLY eating. Let's see who loses. I'll be armed with Tums and Rolaids. :P


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