Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ms. Lollipop, Mr. Meat & Potatoes, and I were hungry one night. Instead of cooking, we were lazy. But we didn't want the regular take out/delivery again. So we decided on going to a local place: Lattanzi. We've always had a good experience there. The food is solid and the service is always nice. Although we dressed down, they still greeted us with open hands. I really wanted marsala sauce tonight. So I ordered my typical Veal Scallopine al Marsala ($24). And I was super hungry so I ordered a side/half of angel hair pasta just tossed in oil ($14). The veal was tender and delicious. The potatoes were fine and the vegetables were delicious. Although the pasta was everything that I wanted and satisfied me completely, it was too much money. Whole servings of pasta were less than $20. It seemed like a ripoff. Next time, I won't be that greedy. Ms. Lollipop ordered the Lingiuni alle Vongole ($19). She enjoyed it. It's her go to dish for Italian restaurants. She thought the clams were fresh. And he got some pasta in a cream sauce (~$18). I forget the same of the dish but it was similar to fettucine alfredo. The sauce was thick and sweet. But the simplicity of the dish was nice. Ah, Lattanzi does not disappoint again. Except, my half order of pasta was a rip off. Nonetheless, everything was really delicious again. This has definitely become out go to neighborhood Italian restaurant. Lattanzi Ristorante 361 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036-3805 (212) 315-0980

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  1. Mmmmm Linguine!

    Next time, order a WHOLE pasta dish instead of a half and take-home what you don't finish. I suppose I am/ could be that greedy.

    No feeling of being ripoff at least. :P


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