Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cooking: Pork Spare Ribs

Ah ribs. Pork spare ribs. One of my most favorite things to eat. I love meat on the bone. So, so good. So this is my first attempt at making ribs at home. I used to think it's very difficult, but in fact not too much. Well, I have improved in my cooking skills so this may be daunting for you. But now, I'm not scared at all. First, I purchase 2 nice racks of ribs from Esposito's. It's so great to have a local butcher. I grew up going to butchers. So supermarket meat is quite foreign and expensive to me. The quality and customer service is so much better at butchers. And the guys at Esposito's are fantastic. So I decided to make dry rubbed ribs. Why? Laziness mostly. Didn't want to watch the ribs and baste every 30 minutes. So dry rub is kind of the set it and forget type of ribs. So here I made my own rub. I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, and paprika. I take the ribs and cut off the slab of extra meat. That will dry out too much and become tough. Save for another use. You might not find this extra meat from ribs purchased at the supermarket. Also, sometimes there's a tough silver skin. But the butchers removed it for me. Like I said, customer service. I massaged the rub into the meat. I made sure to cover every single spot. I was quite generous with it. Then into the fridge overnight. I take it out the next morning about an hour before it goes in the oven. I want to meat to come to room temperature. At this point, I add the rest of the rub for a nice thick coating. This is where things go wrong. I heat the oven at 300 degrees F. I hear low and slow is key. I took about 4 hours for the ribs to be tender. I quick wiggle of one of the bones proved that it was ready. Usually, when the bones moves around easily without any give (being stuck to the meat), it's ready and tender. So here are my finished ribs. So what was so wrong with them? The rub. There was absolutely too much. It created this unpalatable crust that was so spicy. It was quite terrible. Some scrapping and dousing of sauce helped. So next time, I won't pack on the rub like the recipe said. I'll put enough to add flavor. Also, consensus of the grouped said they like wet ribs better. Next time! Otherwise, the meatiness of the ribs were quite nice. The meat was tender and flavorful. Just that damn rub. Sigh, more isn't better. Lesson learned. Esposito's Pork Store 500 9th Avenue New York, NY 10018 (212) 279-3298

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  1. Si, wet/saucy por favor when ribbin'

    The dry rubbed LOOK nice though. Way to attempt them.


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