Monday, June 7, 2010

Hells Kitchen 9th Avenue Street Fair (Part 1)

I love street fairs. I don't care how much they've changed over the years from awesome to bad. I still go. And I will continue to go for the rest of my life. Yes, that's how much I love them and love the sometimes good but mostly crappy food they offer. So recently, there was a 10+ block street fair in Hell's Kitchen. Awesome! I started at one end of the fair and made my way to the other end. Yes, I walk the entire thing and stopping when I feel like munching on some food or pretending to buy something. First stop: El Kiosco del Sabor. It looks like any one of those latin stands that covers most of the fairs with weird mozz-arepas and such. But I found this golden gem. Yes, chiccaron ($6). Or roast pork. Whatever it was, it was fatty, meaty and totally delicious. And a beef empanada ($4). The shell was crispy (freshly fried) and the meat and flavorful. They weren't skimpy with the filling. Next stop: Roast beef sandwich. We spotted this stand with delicious looking whole roasts on the spit. However, we ordered a sandwich ($10) and was presented with this. The roast beef was pre-sliced and sat in the au jus for awhile. So the medium cooked roast I saw on the grill was a lie. What I got was dry, flavorless meat. The cheese sauce was a disgrace to cheese. Only the vegetables were the saving grace since the bread sucked too. We threw this out. And see what I found here? Our third stop: The Red Hook Lobster Pound for lobster rolls ($15). These looked delicious and tasted that way too. The sandwich is kind of small but it was fantastic eating this after that joke of a roast beef sandwich. Last of stop of the day was NYC Burger and Co. They were offering Korean flavored spins on American classics. I got a bulgogi hot dog with kim chee and tomato sauce ($4). It tasted okay. The hot dog itself had a nice snap. The bulgogi was okay and the sauce was spicy. I don't regret my purchase but probably wouldn't get this again. Hell's Kitchen Street Fair

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