Friday, June 18, 2010

Midtown Lunch HH with Potluck

Recently, there has been some happy hours organized by fans of Midtown Lunch. In the past, it's been an excuse to meet random strangers and bond over drinks. Now, it's evolved into hanging with weirdos and bonding over food. And what a plethora of food! Some homemade, some bought. All belly busting. It was a Happy Hour Potluck. It took place at Snafu which is a bar in Midtown East. The good thing about Snafu is that they let you bring in your own food. This was the perfect place for our potluck shindig. So here you see the plethora of food, including free popcorn from the bar. But on the menu (if memory serves me right): smoked pork, sea salt chocolate chip cookies, Guinness brownies, dried shredded squid, mochi,pasta and meatballs, stromboli, Certe pizza,and Pio Pio chicken. There was more but I can't remember. *And in true ML fashion, some Kati rolls. Here's a slice of mushroom pizza from Certe. Toppings and cheese was good. But the crust could have been better. It was stale and was a little too charred for my taste. And delicious Pio Pio chicken. I grabbed a whole leg for myself. Muahahah! I am greedy. But this chicken is awesome. I forgot the green sauce though! Snafu 127 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017-2183 (212) 317-9100 Pizza by Certe 132 East 56th Street New York, NY 10022-3628 (212) 813-2020 Pio Pio 604 10th Avenue New York, NY 10036 (212) 459-2929


  1. A little too "charred."

  2. Hey! I brought Kati Rolls!

  3. Hooray. Glad I brought the chicken!
    And so nice of you animals to save me some Stromboli BUT eeh, whatever.

    That bag of peanut butter and M&M's cookies was good. I had a few and it did go well with the beer like Goats suggested.

    Thanks for the cwazy ass-loads of CANDY, Hungie.


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