Saturday, June 5, 2010

Relative's Birthday Dinner at Home

So another birthday dinner at the relative's house. Mr. Meat & Potatoes' relatives, mind you. We start off with some spanakopita. Not bad. The filo dough was flaky and the filling was very spinach-y which I like. It could have used a little more cheese. Some chips. I didn't know what this was but it had seeds in them. Coconut shrimp. The chef claimed this as a failure since the batter fell off completely through the frying process. A look and a taste and I could tell that there was too much on there. A light hand with batter goes a long way. Also, they deviated from the recipe and added an egg step. That is probably why the batter was so thick. The shrimp still tasted good. Some finger sandwiches: green chutney with eggs and taraporipatio (dried spicy fish). And now onto dinner: some rice with dried cherries. I actually like it! Better than raisins in my opinion. Some salmon with mango salsa. I like the flavor of this very much. And some West Indian Chicken. I wan't a huge fan of this. Not because it wasn't flavorful because it certainly was. I think I didn't really agree with the spices. I've never actually had West Indian food before so I have nothing to compare this to. And this is what my plate looks like. Extra cherries from people that were picking it out. And we ended the night was some chocolate mousse. A bit loose because Ms. Pastry Chef didn't have enough time to let it set properly in the fridge. But it still tasted great. It was more pudding like than mousse life. But people ate this up anyway.


  1. MmmMmm chocolate pudding...I mean mousse.

    And that just looks like curry chicken to me. Hhhmmm.

  2. those are flax seed chips, supposed to be healthier.

    all in all a nice spread.


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