Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Davidburke Townhouse

For Mr. Meat & Potatoes' birthday, I took him out to David Burke Townhouse. Ever year for each others birthdays we pick new restaurants. In a city like NYC, it's not a difficult task since new fabulous places open up all the time. David Burke is a small intimate place. it's very narrow and sits inside a townhouse. Because of the size and proximity to others, I decided not to take any pictures. I didn't want to seem rude. Honestly, though, it's nice to just have a meal without thinking about getting a nice picture to blog. So you'll just have to read about my experience only through my memory. We sat quickly. The service was friendly and attentive. After we ordered drinks, martini for me, beer for him, we were offered some bread. It was a huge! It looked buttery and fluffy. But instead, it was dense and kind of dry. Eh, could be better. Then the amuse bouche same. It was served on tasting spoons. It consisted of a yellow bean custard topped with smoked salmon. It was very nice. Just enough flavor to invoke my taste buds but subtle enough to keep me wanting more. For appetizers, I ordered the special: pan seared foie gras ($20). It was just what I wanted. Smooth and rich. Complete decadence. They serving size was quite large too. Enough to make me a very happy person. He ordered the sea scallops benedict ($16). It came with chorizo. Delicious! Simple but really complicated in flavor. The scallops were perfectly cooked. Soft yet not mushy. Just slighty raw enough in the middle. The chorizo was thinly sliced so it didn't overpower the delicate scallop. The bread (forget what kind) was a good vehicle for the whole dish. For my main dish, I had the special again: veal chop (~$35). It was so tender yet had a nice crust. I really enjoyed it. It was cooked to my preferred doneness, medium rare. And it was a very good size. I was actually afraid of not being able to finish it. But I worked slowly and behold, I polished it off and all the veggies things that came with it. Do I remember what specifically? No. That's the harm of not taking pictures. He had the filet mignon of veal and veal cheek ($39). These came out so red. I was surprised that maybe it was undercooked. But the reality is that they sous vide it and then browned the outside. This is a very popular cooking method now. It keeps meat at the perfect temperature, then you quickly sear the outside for that delicious browning and caramelization. This is especially efficient and good for leaner types of meat. It almost guarantees that it won't dry out. The veal cheek was the best. It was even more tender than the filet. Amazingly flavorful too. I couldn't decide if I liked his dish better or my own. They were both really good. I really enjoyed my dinner at David Burke Townhouse. The service was attentive, the atmosphere and decor was nice. And the food was really satisfying including the flavors and amount offered. Will you be amazed about new cooking techniques or layers of flavor? No. But you find expertly executed meals with familiar yet delicious flavors. And the winning touch? The free peanut brittle on the host stand. David Burke Townhouse 133 East 61st Street New York, NY 10065-8101 (212) 813-2121 davidburketownhouse.com


  1. wow, this blog is really going downhill. one picture yesterday, zero today. :P

    sounds like Mr. M&P had a great bday!

    that scallop app sounds great!

  2. @TT: I guess my poor writing skills aren't enough to entice readers.


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