Thursday, July 15, 2010

Father's Day BBQ

On this hot and humid summer day, I headed out to Queens for a family BBQ. We don't do hamburger and hot dogs in my family. Nor do we do low and slow American BBQ. We just do a mishmash of things. Usually, just what we're craving at the moment. I think that's the best. Eat what you want, NOW! So here's my first tasting plate. Some tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with basil and balsamic vinegar. Then some grilled mushrooms (kind of bland), and an Italian sausage (split in half for easy grilling). And now the food starts flowing. On the bottom you have a layer of sausages. On top, large tiger shrimp. Wasn't seasoned but tasted salty anyway. Grilled well and not rubbery that's how I like my shrimp. These large specimens were gobbled up quickly. Some Asian marinated steaks. These were too chewy. The plastic ware couldn't handle it. Instead, I gnawed on it like a cave woman. Flavor was okay. Could be better. And here we're grilling up what's next on the menu. On the left (my contribution that day), a boneless leg of lamb marinated with rosemary, garlic, cumin, and curry powder. Grilled slowly until medium. In the middle are thin chicken breasts. Needed more marinade/flavor. And on the right were short ribs in Montreal steak seasoning. They tasted good but could have been rubbed properly. The seasoning fell off too easily. I found out from the maker that he just dipped the meat in the seasoning. I told him to stop being a wimp and get his hands dirty. Rub those babies next time. And here's my lamb. A little more done than I liked. Some people were scared of the rareness (sigh). But it was still tender. Dried out a bit but the homemade tzatziki helped. With a side of grilled pita flatbread. Some people ate it separately. Some people made gyros. Towards the end of being all meated out, I ate a nice plate of salad. What a great meal! Lots and lots of different things and food. Plus, it was so hot out that I was sweating the whole time I was eating. Sounds gross but didn't gain a pound. Losing calories and ingesting calories at the same time. Hah!

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