Sunday, July 4, 2010


So I finally went to Grom. It's a really popular gelato place. It has locations around NYC but the most popular is the West Village location. On this particular warm summer night, it was quite crowded. But the it moves quick. I mean, it's only scooping, right? So we got a couple of small cups of gelato ($5.25 each). I picked a double scoop: pistachio and dark chocolate. The pistachio was delicious. Creamy and thick. The flavor was really nice. The dark chocolate was really rich. In fact, it was a little too rich. I love dark chocolate but this was a little too much. I couldn't finish this small scoop. And he picked the stracciatella. A thick, creamy vanilla-ish flavor dotted with chocolate chips. However, unlike the other flavors, it wasn't strong enough. Stracciatella is supposed to be similar to chocolate chip ice cream in the US. Maybe the base wasn't milky enough? Maybe the chocolate chips were too dark? It still tasted good but could have been better. Grom 233 Bleecker St New York, 10014 (212) 206-1738

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