Friday, July 9, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Pizza

I know, I know. Pizza again? Whatever! I don't lead an interesting enough life to dine at different places all the time. Besides, when you find a local place that you like, it only makes sense to return over and over again. And Hell's Kitchen Pizza is just the place for me. Here's a pepperoni roll ($3). Pepperoni, sauce and cheese rolled up in all goodness. It just it's just like a pizza rolled up. But I adore it and it tastes great. It super filling too. And this time, we ordered a whole pie ($20) with sausage and onions. Here's what the bottom of the crust looks like. Nicely browned and crisp, just the way I like it. You may think that there isn't enough cheese on this pizza. Don't be fooled! The sauce and cheese is mixed. So some sauce is on top and some cheese is on top. I love that! Another satisfying meal from Hell's Kitchen Pizza. The sauce was sweet but too much so. The cheese was melted and stretchy the way I like it. The topping were abundant but not overly so. And the crust was crunchy yet soft in the middle. It's just good pizza. Hell's Kitchen Pizza 691 10th Avenue New York, NY 10036 (212)765-8565


  1. man that looks sooooo good! the pizza roll looked homemade! soo yum!

  2. Had pepperoni rolls @ Frisco Depot in Colorado. Awesome, served with marinara for dipping. 4 as a appetizer for $4, unbelievable.


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