Thursday, July 8, 2010

Independence Day 2010

This year I spent Independence Day in NJ with Mr. and Mrs. Executive Chefs, and Ms. Pastry Chef. You know what that meant, lots of food! And they had a lot of guests from overseas. So that meat a lot of special food. We started off the dinner with lots of appetizers. Here we have some Parsi carb dish made from some grain that I forget. It's mixed with hot peppers and cilantro. Served with a side of green chutney. Soft but dense. But still kind of light. Definitely addicting. Here is the chutney and limes. And here is a crowd favorite: kevabs. Basically meatballs with Indian spices. But hot off the grill, they're fantastic. They just retain their juices so well. Soft and flavorful. And now the main dishes. Here is my contribution to the feast: Korean beef short ribs. Marinated and grilled. These were gobbled up quickly during dinner. Shrimp skewers with onions and red peppers. Delicious! The shrimp were perfectly cooked. Tender and flavorful. And the salad. Need to have your veggies to balance things out. I can't say that enough. And chicken masala. Marinated and grilled. This was a bit spicy but in a nice way. It went really well over the rice. And here's the rice. Flavored and spiced. I definitely left room for dessert. Here we have a red velvet cake. Sliced and served with a small oreo truffle. Yum! Light and fluffy yet sweet and delicious. I loved it! I love get-togethers. Just means tons of food and fun with people.

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  1. Awesome eats. Hooray for the the meats and carbs intake. The salad is your only savior. Ha.


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