Saturday, July 3, 2010

Japanese Salmon in a Jar

A trip to Mitsuwa a while back led to many goodies purchased. One of the specific goodies is this jar of flaked salmon. I know you're asking yourself, what's so special about this jar of salmon. Heck, we have cans of salmon right in the US that's easy to purchase and is probably much cheaper. But let me tell you that this is no ordinary salmon in a jar. It's the same kind of salmon that goes into onigiri. Yes, it's that same delicious salmon that goes into those pocket rice patties. So nothing special to mask the flavors of the salmon. Just some white glutinous rice and some sauteed mushrooms. Mix it all up with some soy sauce. And voila! Delicious and easy meal. This brings me back to the days of simple Asian dishes with so much flavor. I ate this all up. And I ate a 2nd bowl all up too.

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