Friday, July 23, 2010


A random walk around town led me to the Flatiron/Chelsea area. I went to do a couple of errands. I was thinking of hitting Shake Shack for lunch. But we were stuck on the sidewalk due to a parade. It's impossible to cross the avenue when there are parades going on. Oh well. So we headed back towards home when we walked past RUB BBQ. We haven't been there in so long. It's a shame because we enjoyed it every single time. I jumped in asking about the burgers. But it wasn't Monday night. They only do burgers then. Boooo! I left and we started walking away. But we couldn't agree what to eat. So we headed back knowing we would be satisfied and happy with RUB. And we were so glad. Hardly anyone was seated at RUB. But that just meant faster service for us. The menu was quite extensive but I was thinking of getting my usual: ribs. But I should really try something different, should I? I picked a quarter of dark meat chicken ($4.50). It came with a slice of white bread and pickles. I also ordered a small onion strings ($3). The piece of chicken was juicy and well flavored. The size was decent too. It was the drumstick and the thigh connected. I ate the whole thing and it was delicious. Just enough for one person. The skin held all the seasonings which was delicious. But only one bite for me. I was worried about my cholesterol. But he didn't have an issue gobbling that up for me. The onion strings were crispy, and super flavorful. This is my favorite thing to get as a side here. A small goes a long way. And it just tastes so good to me. It's so addicting. Like chips but better. He ordered the BBQ ham sandwich ($8.75). It came with tons of thick slices of real ham and your choice of bread. He picked the bun. Look at that mound! Definitely too much for one sandwich. Splitting it was a good idea. The ham was juicy and really flavorful. You could tell this was not just some simple ham from the grocer. It was delicious and slightly smokey but completely tender. You can definitely taste the pork. And for fun, we ordered the BBQ Bacon Chunks ($8). Completely smokey and fatty. These little nuggets of pork godliness was a little salty (even for me!) but was well worth the one try. Would I get these again? Probably not. I wish they were a little more crispy. A flash fry would be nice. Otherwise, delicious and completely filling. The pickles helped along the way. I was really happy again with the experience at RUB. The service was friendly and attentive. But most of all, the BBQ was good. It's much better than the other places around the city that just mask hard work with gloppy sauces and liquid smoke. No, this is the real deal. I just wish I can try their burgers soon! RUB BBQ 208 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10011-2306 (212) 524-4300


  1. i went on burger night and got the special Holladaise burger. YUM!

    They were out of the bacon chunks though.

    I guess we both have to try going again!

  2. Yo, let's do a RUB night FBM style!
    You know others are down. :)

    I'll go on Monday. F' living at work now that the noose is loose.

    Mmmm onion strings and bacon!!


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