Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Guests Parsi Dinner

So a bunch of Mr. Meat & Potatoes' relatives flew over from Hong Kong to visit. They're staying with his parents in NJ. And we were invited for a good old homemade Parsi dinner. Mmm, haven't had this in a while. We started off minimally with some appetizers. It's very easy to overeat so this was good. Some port salut and monterrey jack cheese. Some potato chips, and a Parsi snakc. It's like seasoned corn flakes and rice puffs. Addictingly nice. And on to the big guns. The entrees! Everything is served family style and you serve yourself. A fan favorite, the pattis. Seasoned ground beef wrapped in mashed potatoes and deep fried. God, these are good. Dunsakh: a lentil based dal. It's not curry per se since it's lentil based. It's usually ladled on top of rice. More like a gravy, I would say. Thick and comforting. I'm loving lentils more and more. The usual salad but this time with avocados. Mmm, a refreshing moment within a heavy meal. Shrimp palov: seasoned rice with shrimp, hard boiled eggs, and onions. This is one of my favorite things to eat. It reminds me of a mix of Chinese fried rice and Spanish saffron rice. The seasoning is so good that you don't need to put anything on it. It's good as is. And Mrs. Executive Chef doesn't skimp on the shrimp. Yes! And this was my plate of food. Some salad, a pattis, some rice and dunsaj on top. Look small but remember that a lot of this food is heavy. It's harder in the summer. And we still had dessert. Always save room for dessert when Ms. Pastry Chef is around. *Also, this is pretty much the time when my camera started to crap out. You can instantly see the different in quality.'s been so many good years. But time to let it go. And dessert time! Cheesecake. Thick and creamy. Sweet but with a light tang. This is some serious cheesecake. And a side of oreo truffles for the chocolate lovers. A nice slice for me please! Another good meal gobbled up by me! I love home cooking. I love homemade desserts! It's a good eating life.


  1. can you bring some Parsi food to the FBM potluck? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!

  2. @TT: Let me see if I can score any food in August.

  3. Please score Pattis. Please, please! LOL. They remind me of papas rellenas...



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