Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Westside Sushi

Exploring the neighborhood again for decent sushi for a low low price. This time, I went on a recommendation: Westside Sushi. I've always passed by this place but thought nothing of it. Never really looked crowded in there. But if I'm willing to eat generic deli sushi, I could handle this too. Inside, we were seated quickly. Not many tables were full. The waiter came by quickly with some water and some little plates. We figured it to be seaweed, mushrooms, and something with mayo in it. Just meh. I could have lived without this. After looking over the menu, I ordered the gyoza ($6.50). They were freshly cooked but tasted meh. Is this a recurring theme? They were certainly hot and crispy. But the skin was overly hard and tough to chew. The filling itself was fine. Maybe they should have done the boil and fry method instead? Much better for the skin. Then onto the rolls. I had 2 house rolls: The Joanne - eel and avocado on real crabmeat ($7) and the Ichi Roll - shrimp on real crabmeat ($7). Every roll on the house menu said "on top of real crabmeat". Weird but ok. The rolls were decently sized. And the taste? Not too bad. Not the greatest but for the price, I won't complain. It tasted fresh enough. And the crabmeat? I couldn't really tell a difference. In the end, I'd come here again for just a normal sushi craving. It's cheap enough and good enough to warrant that. However, if I'm looking for something really good and impressive, I'd skip it. Westside Sushi 717 9th Ave New York, NY 10019 (212) 581-2366

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