Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ludlow, Vermont (Part 2 of 6): Green Mountain Smokehouse & Harpoon Brewery

After our failed BBQ meal, we headed to our mountain home where we were staying. Then off we went again. This time, we were looking for things to do. I looked up a couple of places and found the Green Mountain Smokehouse which butchers and smokes its own meats. Yes please!

Again, it's a tiny little place off the small road. We almost drive past it but a last minute sighting led us to make a wide right turn off the road. We went into the one room shop and tornado-ed through it. We grabbed about $50 worth of food and stormed right out. The friendly guy at the store probably thought we were uppity New Yorkers. Hahah! But we were actually in a rush to get to our next stop.

Anyway, we grabbed awesome meats like this chorizo (pictured below), thick bacon, ham steak, lamb sausage, breakfast sausage, and garlic mustard. They also provided a cold pack and a bag of ice. Ah, no spoiled meats in the car. Nice!

So off we went again. This time to the Harpoon Brewery for a factory tour and some tastings. Once inside the lobby, there's a small store and a bar/restaurant. It looked really nice.

They off to the tour. We walked around they told us about hops, barley, water, etc. They showed us the area where they brew the beer. And this is where the tasting begins.

Straight from the tap, they have to light the opening on fire to kill any bacteria. Oooh fire!

Then off into their storage room where it was cold but welcomed on that warm, humid day. A bucket of beer came to greet us.

I think this is their raspberry beer. I didn't like it much. Actually, I didn't like any of the beers that they offered. But I'm a bad judge. I normally do not drink beer. So I don't think my opinion should be weighted in any sense.

I left the Harpoon brewery a little buzzed (I'm a lightweight) but found this (blurry, sorry, camera broke): an ice cream shack! It was literally just a window off a building. There were knick knacks sold inside. But I wanted ice cream!

So I grabbed myself a cup of caramel nut. Mmmm! It was creamy, milky, sweet, and nutty. Real ice cream. Love it!

Green Mountain Smokehouse
341 Us Route 5 S
Windsor, VT 05089-9493
(802) 674-6653

Harpoon Brewery
336 Ruth Carney Drive
Windsor, VT 05089-9419
(802) 674-5491


  1. harpoon is one of my favorite breweries.

    their UFO is one of the best summer beers on the market.

  2. Mmm, pork products and beer! CHEERS!


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