Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Grand Family BBQ

The summer is a great excuse to invite people together over food, especially over the grill. So one lovely summer day, we all gathered outdoors and enjoyed the barbecue feast. To whet the appetite, we spread some cheese over crackers and snacked on nuts. There was brie, port salut, gouda, and pepperjack. In the back, you'll find some spinach dip which was delicious. Then the main appetizer started flowing. Perfectly grilled beef kabobs. Spices, herbs, and onions flavor the delicious meat. The grill does wonderful things to them. So soft and delicious. So easy to eat too many of these. A bit later, dinner was served. We started off with a nice salad that's lightly dressed. Perfect to complement the heavier grilled meats. Here are some pork boneless ribs. Lightly marinated and grilled. And my addition of the meal: grilled sirloin steak. I rubbed it with some salt and spiced. Then some oil and onto the grill until medium rare inside. Mmm, so juicy. Some grilled shrimp kabobs with onions and peppers. The shrimp was lightly marinated with herbs and oil. Then, quickly grilled to just cooked. Perfect! Not chewy nor stringy at all. Tikka chicken is always a crowd favorite. Nicely marinated with something slightly spicy. The chicken was juicy and flavorful. Grilling makes them so good! And to round out the meal, some spiced biryani rice. So here's my plate of food. So as you can see, I took a little bit of every thing. So incredibly good. I tried not to stuff myself too much because dessert was coming up. And you'll soon see why. Chocolate cake!! Multi-layer chocolate cake!! Layers of delicious, decadent cake and layers of ganache. Oh man! If you love chocolate and cake, you would love this! But wait, there's more. A fruit tart! This was store bought though. A nice thin slice of tart. A thin, buttery crust that's layered with some cream then some fresh fruit. A nice clean end to a great meal.


  1. i wanna party with you!

    lots of wonderful food porn here! Love it!

  2. can your family adopt me? they need more jew in them.


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