Monday, September 27, 2010


I finally went back to Margon for lunch. I loved it the first time I went there but the food is just too delicious. I could easily become addicted to their dishes. So easy. Anyway, my main draw this time was their famous octopus salad. I had seen it the last time but wasn't sure. Then I heard that they were rated one of the best in the city. So, how could I not try? Off I went across the street and into the tiny place that's always packed. But they're efficient. They certainly know how to make everyone happy. Here's the small octopus (8 oz - $6.75) which I thought was kind of pricey. In actuality, I don't know how much octopus costs so that assumption was wrong by me. Anyway, their salad comes with dressed tomatoes and cilantro. It's almost like a ceviche. It's light and really flavorful. The octopus pieces are sliced really thin which helps with any rubbery texture. I really enjoyed this. I could see myself eating this for lunch on its own. I would get the larger size though (medium 16 oz $13.50, large 32 oz $27). That day's special (Thursday) included Fried Chicken Chunks ($8.50) along with a slew of other wonderful sounding dishes. They describe it as the chicharon de pollo. Umm, with that kind of description, how could I say no? So they first gave me this: a platter of the sides. It included rice (your choice of white or yellow), tostones, and beans. This would have been a meal within itself. Flavorful, delicious, and completely filling. However, I needed to save my stomach room for this: the fried chicken chunks. Deep fried chicken pieces that look like cut up drumsticks. I received a whole container of this. I didn't count how many pieces of chicken were in this but easily about 10. The chicken could be a little dry but the flavor was really nice. They don't batter nor bread the chicken. Just good old deep fry. I only made it through half of each of the chicken and the side of rice, beans, and tostones before I threw in the towel and saved the rest for later. And this held up really well for later consumption. It was delicious even when cold! Oh man, Margon was so good again. The octopus salad was light and a perfect beginner to the heavy meal that followed. The fried chicken pieces were really good and the sides made me all warm inside. I'll say this again and again, I'll go to Margon any day. Though, I would have to be prepared for a food coma afternoon. Margon 136 W 46th St New York, 10036 (212) 354-5013


  1. OMG, chicharrĂ³n de pollo is my fav!!!
    I need to get myself some Margon for lunch sometime.

  2. Margon is SERIOUSLY good.. They need to do a cookbook, too...


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