Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mitsuwa again: Santoka

I went back to Mitsuwa for some grocery shopping. But what I really wanted was some cheap Asian food. I mean good, cheap Asian food. And Mitsuwa does it very well. Unfortunately, I went at one of the worst times: Saturday afternoon. The place was packed with families and couples crowding every where for some food. Getting a table was hilarious because people acted like vultures. Yes, they circled around their prey. And when someone left the table, they swooped down for all the glory. I'm not as hard core as that. Well, I wasn't feeling hard core that day. So I just ordered my food and just patiently waited for some space. I was trying to be civilized. But enough of that talk. I'm here to talk about the food. I wanted to try a different place this time. And Santoka had the longest line. I went to stand on it even without knowing what I wanted. But the line wrapped around the area with the plastic version of their food. So you can eye what you want while waiting to get to the register. Once you order, you get a ticket. They'll call your number when your food is ready. This system works except when tons of people are there for the midday lunch rush. Everything gets backed up. But my food didn't take that long since it was just very simple. I ordered ramen with pork belly in a salt broth. Look at the cloudiness of that broth. Oh yeah, that's homemade. You can't get that in a can/jar. If you can, then where can I get some? But the ramen was delicious. It was exactly what I was craving at that time and it satisfied me completely. The noodles were soft but slightly chewy. They didn't suffer from sitting in the broth. The pork was fatty and delicious. The seaweed was also chewy but enjoyable. And the broth! Oh that broth! Salty goodness. If you don't like salt, this is not for you. But if you know me, you know that I love salt and salty things. So delicious. I drank it up. Mr. Meat & Potatoes ordered a noodle dish with seafood and some sauce. I thought it was just okay. Well, the sauce was gloppy. It was supposed to be gloppy. But I don't like gloppy sauces. I would never order this but it wasn't my meal. It was his and he enjoyed it very much. They also weren't too stingy about the seafood. A good amount of shrimp was scattered around. And we ordered some gyoza to share. It tasted like frozen gyoza to me which was fine. It was what I wanted. The skin was nice and thin. The filling had a good combination of meat and vegetables. I couldn't complain. Ah Mitsuwa does me right again. I really enjoy coming here. Next time, I'll try not to come during the rush hours (before noon or after 2pm). Mitsuwa Marketplace 595 River Road Edgewater, NJ 07020 (201) 941-9113

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  1. Yum, I love Mitsuwa but, like you said, I try to avoid it on Saturdays.


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